Refund Policy

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Websquash Refund Policy

We would request our prospective clients to go through our refund policy before making the payment. 

For clients who wish to take a refund after making the payment, they should apply for a refund within 2 business days of making the payment to

Websquash is not bound to issue a refund if the refund is requested after the period of 2 business days.

Websquash is entitled to the following money as processing fee.

For a refund of $50 or less - Processing fee of $4.5 would be deducted

For refund of $100 or less - Processing fee of $9 would be deducted.

For refund of any amount in excess of $100 a processing fee of $35 would be deducted and the rest would be paid to you.

By making the payment to websquash you abide to the above policies.