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Internet Promotions via Gateway Pages

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Chapter 1: Internet Promotions via Gateway Pages
(by biraju, added on 07/18/01 04:33 PM)

A gateway page is another door into your web site. For example, if your business is a speakers' bureau, what you can do is set up individual pages for your speakers, and submit each one to search engines and directories with their own description, title and keywords. When an Internet user is looking for a specific person, your page comes up close to the top because it is entirely relevant to the name entered in the search engine or directory. One of the easiest gateway pages to set up is a links page. By becoming a major source in a specific area of the Internet you will get numerous repeated visits.

Another easy way to use a gateway page is to have some of the information from your web site located on other web sites, with a link to your web site for further information on the information you have provided.

In my opinion, this is one of the easiest ways to draw traffic to your web site. And also if you have more than one web site under different addresses (URLS) you can have them promote each other. Tripod, Geocities are just a few pages that provide space for web sites for free. (Go to this page for a list of similar places - Every page on your web site is a doorway into your web site. Promote each and every page.

Cautionary Note: Do not blatantly duplicate webpages on your own website and promote them. Some search engines see that as spamming and will remove your website from their database. Some people will say this is an untrue statement, however it is up to you to decided what you want to believe and the risks you want to take.

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