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I Give Up!.......How to NOT Say Those Words!

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Chapter 1: I Give Up!.......How to NOT Say Those Words!
(by Terri Seymour, added on 03/29/03 08:49 PM)

I Give Up!.......How to NOT Say Those Words!
midi four to the floor 2003 Terri Seymour

Boy, I tell seems the world is just going
crazy these days! The economy is going haywire,
the war is started, and things just seem to be out of

Most of us know how hard it is to keep our business
going with all the work and time it requires in just the
everyday whirlwind of life. How in the world in such
crazy times, do we keep from just saying, "I Give Up!?"

There are several things we can do to energize our
brains and our bodies. Taking good care of ourselves
is our best defense against feelings of hopelessness,
the feeling of being overwhelmed and just plain
down-in-the dumps feelings!

Get Some Sun - After being indoors so much during
the winter, we need to get out and get some of that
springtime sun! The sun is very good for your mind
and body. But, do remember to wear protection so
you don't get too much exposure.

Eat Healthy Foods - This we all know of course, and it
is much easier said than done, but just try to change
one meal at a time or add one healthy food at a time.

Take a Good MultiVitamin - A good vitamin can do a lot
for you, especially if you don't eat right. You should,
however, talk to your doctor before taking any vitamins.

Get Daily Fresh Air and Exercise - We all need that
fresh air and lots of exercise. Take a nice quiet
early morning walk everyday to get your blood pumping
and your brain alert!

Take a Break and Just Do Nothing - When you are feeling
overwhelmed just take a break and do "nothing". If you
are like me, you feel like you have to be busy and/or
working every minute of the day. If this is you, try
short five minute breaks to start with and move up to
15 or 20. We all need breaks no^w and then!

Stretch - Take five or ten minutes and do some
stretching exercises. These feel absolutely wonderful
and can be very invigorating and refreshing!!

Talk to Others - Call a friend or family member and
just talk for a while. Share your thoughts and
feelings and more than likely they will have you
feeling better in minutes!

Have a Little Fun - Turn on some music and dance around
the house a bit or do some reading or whatever you
like to do. Forget about business and just be glad to
be alive!

Push Away from Your Desk - Push away from that desk
and just get up and walk around for a few minutes.
Putz around the house for awhile and do an odd job or
two. Then come back to your puter screen. Do not
spend too long in front of the computer at one time.

Close Your Eyes and Drift Away - Just sit back for a
moment or two, close your eyes and let your thoughts
drift away to wonderful and magical place! Take a few
deep, cleansing breaths. When you come back to reality
you should feel a bit refreshed!

Enjoy Time with Your Family - Spend some time with
your family. Play a game, take a walk, watch a heart
warming family adventure movie, or just sit and talk.
No matter how hard we work, we have to make time for
our family!

There are lots of ways to "refuel" ourselves, but actually
doing them is not so easy. We think we don't have the
time, but if we keep ourselves refreshed and healthy,
we can probably get more work done in less time and
never feel like we want to "Give Up!"

Terri Seymour owns and operates
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