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The "Not So Secret" Secrets of Success

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Chapter 1: The "Not So Secret" Secrets of Success
(by Terri Seymour, added on 02/22/03 07:29 AM)

The "Not So Secret" Secrets of Success
hollywood star 2003 Terri Seymour

Have you ever heard of the "secrets of success"? Many
times people are trying to sell you these "secrets" for
a very high price! Well, in my five years of Internet
marketing experience, I haven't learned any "secrets".

These so-called "secrets" are mostly common sense
and hard work. We all know these "secrets". We just
have to apply them and use them consistently.

"Secret" #1 - People

Dealing with people can be hard, but we all know we
must be courteous and professional. You need to
accept the fact that you cannot please everybody. When
you come across one of these people you cannot please
no matter what you do, just deal with them firmly, but
courteously and professionally. Not a "secret"!

MOE Motto -Treat people as you would like to be treated!

"Secret" #2 - Passion

We all know that we need to like we do in order to be
really successful at it. If you are interested in pets
do not start a business dealing with cars! ;-)
Building an online business will take a lot of passion
to get through the frustration, obstacles, and other
difficulties. There will be many times when we will
need our passion to get us through! Not a "secret"!

"Secret" #3 - Customer Service

Another "secret" is to treat the customer with respect
and courtesy. It will not be easy to deal with difficult
customers this way, but it can be done. I have worn
down some of the nastiest customers by a continuing
campaign of courtesy, politeness and professionalism!

Each time I dealt with this one lady, she was less and
less rude and upset and more relaxed and easy to deal
with. Eventually, she was thanking me and praising me
for being so helpful and nice. Don't be condescending
and don't let yourself get upset. Remain calm, yet be
firm and respectful. Not a "secret"!

"Secret #4 - Promotion

To build a business, people must know that you and
your business exist. Advertising, promotion and
networking are how this is done. Set up a promotion
schedule and stick with it. Be consistent. This may
get tedious at times, but it must be done!

Write and submit articles, publish an ezine, get listed
all over the web, do link exchanges, swap ezine ads,
compile a fr~e ebook for viral marketing, subscribe
to announcement lists, visit message boards, get
involved in discussion groups........there are hundreds
of ways of promoting yourself and your online business!
Not a "secret"!

"Secret" #5 - Hard Work

Despite what many people have said, it is not easy to
"get rich overnight" and "making thousands a week,
while doing nothing" just doesn't happen. To be
successful you will need to work and work hard. This
is where passion for your work comes in!
Not a "secret"!

"Secret" #6 - Commitment

Expanding on the hard work "secret", you will need to
make a commitment to success. You must be willing
to make sacrifices and work long hours. This will not
happen could take years. Are you
prepared for years of frustration, hard work, ups and
downs, dealing with people (good and bad), rejections,
and everything else that comes along with building a
business? Not a "secret"!

"Secret" #7 - Pride

Take pride in your work. Your work and your business
will be a reflection of you. Build your reputation for
a solid foundation of success. Be true to yourself and
your business. Not a "secret"!

"Secret" #8 - Goals

Be aware of what you want and how you want to get it.
Do not go blindly into business without some planning
of your goals and accomplishments. Use short term
smaller goals to eventually reach your long term
ultimate goal of success. Not a "secret"!

So we know in order to start and build a business, we
must plan our goals, be prepared for the work and
commitment of building that business, and that we must
build a reputation of trust and professionalism.

I know we all knew that. It just helps to be reminded
once in awhile! ;-)

Terri Seymour owns and operates
Learn to publish and promote your own ezine.
Sign-up for the FR~E MOE Ezine Publishing Ecourse
You can contact Terri at


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