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33 Ways Christ can help you Win in Business

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Chapter 1: 33 Ways Christ can help you Win in Business
(by Ina Bliss, added on 08/23/02 11:09 AM)

Godly Covenants & Principles for Entrepreneurs
crac of F.E.A.R. NO CDProvided courtesy of Ina Bliss of and

(1) You can only receive monetary increase, favor and
prosperity, if you hand your life over in FAITH to God and KNOW
your purpose.

(2) When you trust in God, you will discover your purpose.

(3) We (God's followers) completely ELIMINATE business risk,
when giving our service to others, for God's promise is that we
get back a multiple of what we give.

(4) You have to be a good receiver. When you trust God, you
faithfully receive all that was promised to Abram (then
Abraham), and his seed, Christ, without any physical work to
help bring about this promise.

(5) As Christians, we have the duty to produce ourselves to the
world as healthy, joyful and prospering individuals, with
complete peace of mind, only found in Christ.

(6) With our advancement into wealthy status, we are to provoke
the rebellious Jews and the rest of the world to jealousy.

(7) Only when you have sufficient funds to your avail can you
live your life to the fullest and spread love and kindness to as
many people as you can reach.

(8) You are to receive your increase through other (nonbeliever)
people into the channel of barter (products & services for
products & services), or exchange (money for products &
services) you have established.

(9) According to your desire to live large or not so, you must
set the standard of giving and receiving money.

(10) You must use the wisdom you learn every day from the bible
and the spiritual teachings (intuition) with which God opens the
door for you spiritually bringing you great wealth and riches.
Every one of us can decide how large we want to live, and begin
giving large in order to receive increase from multiple sources.

(11) The more abundance you expect and demand in your life, the
wealthier you become. Broaden your abilities to receive what God
has in store for you and pray. See (All
about Believer's Entrepreneurialism®) for the mechanics of
prayer. (Mark 11:24. Therefore I say unto you, What things
soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them,
and ye shall have them.)

(12) You have to establish a channel within the existing
economic system, meaning that your J-O-B won't cut it. You must
be in business for yourself.

(13) You cannot expect the blessings onto the work of your hands
to benefit you, if your work benefits your employer. You must
OWN your own business. Thus, God is blessing the work you do and
your employer expands and gets richer.

(14) You must go out in faith, and completely without fear, and
establish your own business, creatively, based on your

(15) You are not to buy risky shares in other people's
businesses, but to expand your own business and leave it to your
heirs. (Proverbs 13:22. A good man leaveth an inheritance to his
children's children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for
the just.)

(16) You have to teach your children what you know about
business. (Proverbs 22:6. Train up a child in the way he should
go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it.) They are
NOT supposed to work for a (non-faithful) employer.

(17) Your relationship with God decides over your way of life.
If you are in the right standing with God, you live in an
exalted position of favor and preferential treatment in regards
to wealth.

(18) When you become willing to receive a lot of favor, which is
dependent on your hearing the wisdom of the bible and God's
promises, you are enabled to live and rule like a king, or queen

(19) Always follow a successful role model. The greatest
entrepreneur and most powerful leader of all times was Jesus.
Not only did he encourage his followers, he performed miracles
for them. As a carpenter and builder, he organized, managed and
assumed the risks of his daily business. His 12 entrepreneurial
disciples were trained for 2 years in management. His messages
are still being passed on.

(20) Once you are wealthy, the world will listen to you. Now it
is time to preach the Gospel to each person with whom you come
into contact.

(21) By God's law, you are not permitted to judge any one,
condemn another person, but you are obligated to FORGIVE.

(22) With Christ's death before his resurrection, you no longer
owe God a debt. Your sins have been forgiven. The curse that
was pronounced to Adam is no longer. You now enjoy dominion
over the earth again.

(23) First, you are to get out into the business world and
educate yourself how it operates. Then, the spirit of God will
move on your behalf. The world will finally note your confidence
in Christ and want to follow, for they desire the same power and
authority. You have become a light over the people who live in
darkness, without true faith (even if they attend church

(24) God wants to give his church a great name. Walk from glory
to glory, allowing God to use you for that purpose in
successfully running your own business.

(25) You yourself are in control of NOTHING. You are a subject
of theocracy, not 'democracy'. God puts His souls into authority
over you and you are to submit to such authority, until you
yourself are ordained via your good standing with God.
(Romans 13:1. Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers.
For there is no power but of God; the powers that be are
ordained of God.)

(26) Until you fully appreciate God's wisdom and know how to
use it successfully, you are still a child in God's eyes. If you
don't honor your mother and father, you are promised a short
life. However, if you honor your parents, you receive the power
to dominate the earth.

(27) Your parents, who were in possession of your right to power
and success, are supposed to give you the blessing of success as
you become ready. If they don't you, struggle for power and
success. Most parents have their children go to a public school,
give them a pad on the back upon graduation instead of a true
blessing, and watch them struggle through a lifetime of

If your parents have not done this for you, as a minister on
behalf of our beloved God I now release the power in you:

"I bless you with the unlimited success and power you must
possess as a positive, non-competitive but creative entrepreneur
to establish yourself in the business world with a $multi-
million business that stays in your family for many lifetimes
and contributes greatly to the progress of all."

(Please, tell me about your success!)

(28) You, in turn, must honor your children and bless them when
ready the same way.

(29) You can only RECEIVE grace and favor. You cannot buy, or
earn, pray or beg for grace and favor from God. (Romans 10:7.
So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of
God.) If you HEAR (with your spiritual ear) the word of God, not
when you READ the scripture, you were chosen by God to have
grace and favor. To you, the Word of God is a live person
(Christ), and you were chosen before your birth to do great
things with your life. (Hebrews 4:12. For the word of God is
quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword,
piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of
the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and
intents of the heart.)

(30) Once you have the favor of Christ passed on to you, others
will bestow upon you their favor as well. You will look good to
other people and success will march in faster than you could
have imagined. You continue to attract other people and their
resources for your purpose.

(31) If you are still trying to please God through what you DO,
STOP now and think!! The gift of righteousness is FREE-Jesus.
You are no longer a sinner due to Christ's earthly appearance.
You are FREED and already forgiven of all sin. You are now
supposed to BELIEVE in Christ, 100%, at least as a 'thank you'
for what he did for us. You can only please God through Christ.
When you do, you will reign as a king, or priest. No one can
deny you that.

(32) When you stop working and become humble, you receive
God's grace. After God gave you His favor, He leads you daily
on your path to the fulfillment of your destiny, in the image
of himself, visible to all. You can rest assured other people
will work for you as you are the leader. You are wealthy and
now capable of spreading the Gospel. God will lift you up over
every one else, and constantly pour out His favor upon your

(33) When God's glory is revealed in your life you are at the
point of fulfilling the destiny that God has planned for you.
You see God in everything. His prosperity assures your
successful outcome in all your doings. If you are 'washed-up'
now, your neighbors will ask how you managed to turn your
situation around. They will be provoked to get into the glory of
God. You give your testimony, and help Christ save souls. Do it
now! Go into business and prosper with God against all odds! You
are here to do greater work on God's behalf than Christ in His
time. Victory!

This is a synopsis of the book "God wants you to be an
Entrepreneur" by Rickey Singleton. Get the book here:
Support his ministry!

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