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Is AGE REVERSAL possible?

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Chapter 1: Is AGE REVERSAL possible?
(by Ina Bliss, added on 08/23/02 11:07 AM)

The answer is a resounding "YES!"
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How does it work? I tell you, if you promise to check it out...

Part 1 - It began when I read...

...well-known author Deepak Chopra's book "Ageless Body,
Timeless Mind" (1). In his words, "My body is new at every
moment. I, the seer, am immune to aging. Everything in my body is
under direct control of my awareness. I am constantly renewing."

And, as you can imagine, when you just lost over 70 pounds of
ugly weight, it just sometimes does not look that easy to shape
what's left into statue, get the skin tight and the essential
parts to lift up again.

Since my wallet was also not in such great shape for the
ambitious plans I always seem to have, I read "A Happy Pocket
Full of Money" (2), by David Cameron Gikandi. "The Science of
getting Rich" (3), by Walles D Wattles, followed suit.

Only after devouring these astounding facts & ideas yourself can
you possibly understand how they transformed my life in many,
many ways. They not only opened up the possibility of achieving
what I had planned. They actively worked on my perspective on
business and its formerly complex tasks to now easily create

It's the truth: Once you elevate your thoughts, all things become
so much simpler. Even better, once your thoughts are deeply
planted, the answer in its materialized form is being attracted
to you, and occasionally walks right through your front-door, or
shows up in your Inbox.

Part 2 - My perfect Vision formed.

Encouraged by the possibilities, I made my plans as complete as I
could. If I was to accomplish something this difficult, it might
as well be perfect.

Let me just give you an excerpt of the affirmed outlook I
developed for my physical state of being (at age 52):

"I have a healthy firm, well-shapes athletic body with flawless
baby skin, long, thick, shiny, naturally light brown hair, healthy
finger and toe nails, straight white teeth and 20/20 vision."

How sure do you think I was when I first formulated that phrase?

Looking around, we are all falling apart when we hit the HUGE
five-zero, aren't we? After my latest accident, in which I was
thrown of the Polaris Magnum 4-wheeler into the sand as we
hit a knife-blade sand dune and the vehicle turned over, landing
on us, I had the feeling I was incapable of healing for weeks.

Just minutes prior to that I had felt invincible...Never mind the
wrinkles, thinning gray, yet colored hair, second and third chin,
and the eyes getting lost in the seemingly broadening face...

Nevertheless, all I did starting the day I had that clear
statement all written down and memorized was repeat it over and
over to myself, standing in line, riding in the back of the BMW
bike, brushing my teeth...

Part 3 - My Vision is coming true...

...after 10 days ago a message arrived via email. It was about
some 'Magic Oil' and 'Magic Water'(4) which due to a
magnificent discovery of fourth level energy described by quantum
physics transform the human body in such distinct processes that
potentially no one has to age at all any more. The unthinkable
miracle is here.

The best thing about this message was how inexpensive these
effective long-lasting liquids are. Upon my ordering the 'Magic
Oil' only so I would make sure it really works before ordering
the others, (I could not wait to hold it in my hands,) I
immediately sprayed it on the roots of my hair and on my face. I
have not since had to use a facial moisturizer, and my wrinkles
are diminishing. I watch them while they simply go away. The gray
hair first becomes darker gray, and then disappears. Yes, even
the short part of the roots that is already visible returns to

Along with this small order also came a great gift. A little sack
of 'Precious Prills', whose function is to clean up any water
FOR LIFE. Since I have been drinking it, my body is better
hydrated, and perpetually cleansed. I actually looked younger
already on my first day of usage.

My next purchase will include the'Magic Water', a liquid that is
better for human tissue to absorb and switches, either to go into
the soft tissue, or into the bones, whereever it is needed.

I don't want to get into all the reasons for all of this, but
have with my own eyes seen the improvement in just 2 days. As
far as I understand, it's the known deficiency on Magnesium that
we all face, which depletes the DHEA and DHEAS levels and makes
us age. Magnesium taken orally causes unpleasant reactions, if
above 350mg. The way one can apply the magic of these liquids
finally remedies this lack of Magnesium AND REVERSES THE AGING in
your body.

All I can visualize for the future are these statements:

No more dentists and opticians needed. No more detergent used.
Bottled water is obsolete. Pool and hot tub chemicals a thing
of the past. Cut flowers stand fresh for over 2 weeks. Pain
pills unnecessary....

What a way of experiencing your vision!


Publisher's Invitation to you:
Retired Senior? Boomer want to retire early? Or just want to
have fun during retirement? Problems with your state of mind?
Shortage of funds? We have taken the time and done the research
to find that information for you. Join us now and add wealth to
your life...
for some great BONUSES & EXCLUSIVES.
(2) & (3)
Bonus: Holy Water, Sacred Oil. The Fountain of Youth: 

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