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Announce It- or Not!

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Chapter 1: Announce It- or Not!
(by Terri Seymour, added on 01/03/02 06:49 AM)

Announce It - Or Not!
down land tibia 7.5Copyright 2001 Terri Seymour

Having an online business means that you need to
find as many free or very affordable ways of advertising
and promoting that business as possible. Fortunately,
there are many such ways of advertising online. Some
of the experts and Newbies have debated which ways
were effective and which ways were not. One of the
ways said by some to be a waste of time is
Announcement Lists.

Now I agree that announcement lists are not one of the
Power-Packed methods of promoting your ezine or
business but for a few minutes work a day for a couple
weeks a month, you can pick up a few contacts,
customers, or subscribers. That doesn't sound too bad.

I have found that announcing to these lists will be a
confusing and lost task if you do not set up a system
for managing your lists and submissions. The first
step is to subscribe to several of the better lists.
Some of the lists will be loaded with junk ads and/or
spam. You want to find the lists that are for posting
ezine and website ads. There are several lists that
are for posting home biz opps and work at home jobs,
but I found those to be too filled with junk ads.

Here are a few that I have subscribed to: (new one)

Here are some for your website

Some of these addys may no longer be active. If you
find several dead ones, feel free to email me for some
alternate addresses.

Now for getting set up. What you want to do is get
a financial notebook that has the five columns.
In the title area, you will write the name of the list
and the main guidelines, such as no urls and post
once a week. This is for a reminder. In the first
column header write the month and year, May-01.
In the next five column headings write Week 1,
Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5.

The next step is to read the guidelines for each list
and write an appropriate ad or announcement. When
you have finished each ad, address it and save it to
your announcement lists folder. When you complete
an ad for each list, save it to disk also. As soon as
all the ads are finished, you can then send them out.
What I do is separate them throughout the week, so
I have about 10 - 20 that get mailed each day.

Once your folder and your date book are set up, all
you have to do is open your book, go through each
list to see which ones you mail out on that particular
day and then open that message up then click and
send. You would then write in your date book under
the appropriate week, the day and date, Wed. 22.

You follow this procedure each day and it will only
take minutes to send out all your announcements.
I would do this every other week. You also might
want to update your ads every so often. I have found
that this method is very effective and it could be for
you as well.

Terri Seymour helps people start or build their online
business by providing resources, tools, guidance and
more. You can contact her at
or visit Subscribe to
Web Success
Download her new ebook loaded with updated resources,
tips, links, and information.


Chapter 2: New Resource Box
(by Terri Seymour, added on 11/02/02 07:36 PM)

Terri Seymour now owns and operates
Learn to publish and promote your own ezine. For a complete
list of her articles available for reprint please email:
You can reach her at:

ATTN: Ezine Publishers, save hours of your valuable


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