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Why does your business need the media ?

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Chapter 1: Why does your business need the media ?
(by biraju, added on 07/18/01 04:17 PM)

What will happen if your competitor reaches the media with a new product or additional service before you do? Today many people turn to the media for information. The media can launch your product or service to stardom or instant failure. However, the media and press can never give us the full story of an event because they are limited to a few inches of space.
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This is where your press release comes in. It requires little space but can have the same affect or better than a lengthy column occupying more space. What the media or press presents is greatly condensed due to time, space, audience interests and comparison to other events. This is the information age and due to the enormous amounts of it, you have to turn to the media to get a sense of what information may be beneficial to you and your business. The media and press are constantly attacked for apparently not reporting the facts or the correct information. In order for a business to have its position fairly and accurately reported to the public, it is important to have a media relations program to channel information to the press. Remember that a major change in one sector of your market can have implications for the other sectors. Don't wait for the media to report or not report what it wants to about your company. Businesses must actively provide information to the purchaser. What will happen if your competitor reaches the media with a new product or additional service before you do?

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