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Sell Through "Word of Mouth" Marketing

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Chapter 1: Sell Through "Word of Mouth" Marketing
(by Jogena, added on 10/10/01 02:39 AM)

So, how do you sell using a simple word of mouth marketing approach? First, by providing extraordinary customer service. Then by following up with consistency.
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In this technological jungle of massive ads you must set yourself apart from your competitors. What better way to counteract their offers than to infuse a little humanity into your approach.

Take a look a few message forums and discussion lists. How many times to you see questions looking for input on prospective purchases? I know that I see a lot of inquiries about specific products and their value. This is where your human touch will shine through in volumes.

A few examples of how to spread your word of mouth marketing could include:

1. Instead of the usual, "I'm sorry you didn't like our services, your refund is on the way." kind of emailed response. Pick up the telephone and call this person who didn't like your services. Try to find a solution that can benefit both of you. This unexpected effort on your part will go a long way to show your dedication to provide good service to your customers.

Note: While you may not be able to follow up personally with every customer you can empower your staff to make adjustments to keep your customers coming back and spreading the good word about you. These adjustments could include giving discounts, a free gift, or perhaps an extended membership to show goodwill.

This method also generates important market research by finding out what your customers want and how you may need to change your current services.

2. Send a personal letter to select customers without a strong sales pitch. Keep it simple and friendly. It could be a Happy Anniversary note or card if the customer has been with you for a year. If you collect date of birth on your order forms, you can send a birthday card.

3. Put together a direct mail campaign via snail mail and send a small inexpensive gift with your logo on it along with a personal invitation to visit your site again. Your customer will have something tangible to tie into your site.

A themed approach to this could be sending a keychain in the shape of a car if your sell cars or car parts.

4. Become a frequent contributor on message boards with helpful information. Let the community get to know you. Be sure to include your signature line with a link to your site.

5. Write helpful and informative articles and submit them to appropriate ezines. Include your resource box with a link to your site.

6. Help others who haven't achieved your own success. While some will soon forget your helping hand on their way to success, there will be many that will take you with them!

Finally, get a few friends and associates together to brainstorm new and unique ways to spread your name around.


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