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Chapter 1: Art of banner advertising
(by biraju, added on 07/18/01 04:12 PM)

The start of the new year has brought out the banner advertising bashers. Some say they're not effective anymore and others say you just need to create banners in different ways. I'm on the latter side. It goes without saying that when you see something on a consistent basis you tend to tune it out on future occasions. Wait! Suppose you use that same product or service on a daily basis and you would like to know about money saving specials?
Most advertisers today are bashing banners due to their experience with them. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this is mine. Advertising banners work in the right place, in front of the right people, using the right technique and at the right time. This article is my attempt to show or instruct you on some ideas on making an effective banner for use in your advertising campaign.

According to the experts, books that I've read and banners I've created, these are the four areas you should be aware of when creating your banner.

Attract Attention
Animate It.
Your first screen must draw immediate attention, the subsequent screens should make them want what you have.
Answer these questions

What is your "Unique selling position?"
What is the "Main Benefit" you are offering?
What "Problem are you Solving?"
Who is "Your Target Audience?" [ this will determine if you can use tricks on your banner ]
What is the "Purpose of your banner?" [ to sell immediately, persuade them to visit your website, leave your name imbedded in their brains, to inform for future purchases ]

Stimulate Interest
Ask a question
Make em laugh
Promise something
Talk to us first before you do [this] yourself.

Purchase [this] and get an additional [that].

Use [this] and never worry about [that] again.

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