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7 Reasons why it is so hard to 'REALLY' spread the Word

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Chapter 1: 7 Reasons why it is so hard to 'REALLY' spread the Word
(by B Ina Bliss, added on 08/05/01 05:08 PM)

7 Reasons why it is so hard to 'REALLY' spread the
patch guitar pro v4 Word of Success
------------------------------------By B Ina Bliss

It's the oldest and most proven way, word of mouth,
and still, even Jesus' story must yet reach all
corners of the world, although he performed miracles.

Many of us are performing frequent miracles, and turning
our own lives around, while helping hoards of others. Still,
people just look at us and say: "That's Nice", and go about
their business (of money & relationship problems). Our words
alone don't change much for most folks.


1. Because even the relative miracles that were involved
in Jesus' exemplary stay were not WITNESSED by very many
people, and through hear-say, stories lose credibility as
well as importance.

2. A person has to EXPERIENCE any act of success in order
to be able to follow through with more and to get to the
ultimate goal. Does any one really care that you 'made
millions doing this and that', or would they rather you'd
care about them doing it with your SYSTEM?

3. Information, words of wisdom and truth, have to be
transformed into first concept, second method, third project,
steps and tasks, altogether forming a SYSTEM in order to
be followed and repeated for permanent success. Does everybody
just give you good words and their life-story, or do you
get the transformation part from them?

4. A story of success is nice. Think back to Math, can
one receive the CORRECT result using a PARTIAL formula? Or
must one cover ALL the details? Most 'Internet marketing
experts' focus ONLY on marketing, and leave out the remainder
of business details to somehow fall into place by themselves.
Is that why so many companies don't make it?

5. The ONLY AUTHORITY knowing and deciding what is right
for oneself IS ONESELF, no one else. Even Jesus, who brought
us all the wisdom, is an 'external authority', which is
hard to accept by each of us, unless we let Him reside

6. Until one has figured out ones detailed PATH to ones
very own success in the colors one paints for oneself,
there cannot be any success, and no one can help us unless
this path exists and FOLLOWUP is set into motion.

7. Finally and most importantly, one has to recognize this
so underappreciated


The second Jesus died, He nullified ALL COVENANTS that were
in existence prior to His death. (Just like the death of
a person makes one single again, or relieves all covenants
previously agreed upon...)

He (Not Franklin and Jefferson) set us FREE to CREATE

anything we want. NO LIMITATIONS.

Without this essential conclusion, we feel 'unworthy', 'sinful',
'dirty', 'lowly', 'poor', 'dumb', 'heavy', 'sad', etc.

All that is left to bring to the table is a Universal System
that unifies every piece of truth, wisdom and fact, abides
by logic and common sense and can be adapted to any ones
situation by thought as well as put into practice.

B Ina Bliss, Believer & Fearless Entrepreneur, here providing
some 'Facts of Life', but generally working on her new,
revolutionary Universal Business Success System for your benefit.,
Get your FREE "The Science of Getting Rich" and $997.00 worth of

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