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Online Networking for a Better Business

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Chapter 1: Online Networking for a Better Business
(by Terri Seymour, added on 07/24/01 03:05 AM)

Online Networking for a Better Business
xsetup 7.2 serialCopyright 2001 Terri Seymour

Networking is a very important part of building your
business. When you partake in this form of marketing,
you are establishing yourself and your reputation,
which in turn can be a big boost to your business.
You can also make some new friends, which is also a

Networking is when you come in contact with as many
people you can to learn, share, promote, and form
relationships with prospective customers. You want
to talk about your business, but not blatantly
advertise. Get to know others, learn from them, let
them learn from you and get to know you. This is an
excellent way of building a strong foundation for your

What you don't want to do is be a walking commercial.
This will not get you very far in your networking.
Do not spam when you are networking.

There are many effective and free ways of networking
online. Message boards and discussion lists are the
two ways I have found to be most effective.

*Discussion Groups*

When you subscribe to discussion groups make sure you
follow the rules and guidelines for posting. You do
not want to be accused of spam because you haven't
read the rules. Most lists will allow a sig tag,
which is a great way of advertising without spamming!

Introduce yourself and become an active member of the
group. As you offer advice and help, people will
begin to visit your business because of you and your
willingness to help and your knowledge. This will
help you build a respectful reputation.

You will also learn from other members. We can never
do enough of that! I have found some lists to be
invaluable in finding resources, and expanding my

Listed below are a few of my favorite lists:

This is a list of discussion groups ranging from
ezine publishing, to web promotion, to home business
ideas. I have just joined most of these myself, but
they sound like informative, helpful groups.

*Message Boards*

Message boards are similar to discussion lists, but are
done on a website rather than through the email. The
same advice applies. Read the guidelines and rules for
posting. Do not just try to post an ad and never come
back. Get involved with the conversations, meet people,
learn from people, help them and offer advice when you
can. Doing this type of advertising can add strength
and solidity to your business. You will be trusted and
people will listen to you when you recommend a product
or resource.

Try to visit the boards regularly to keep abreast of
the conversations and information. Post a question,
answer or experience whenever possible. Never insult,
belittle or put down a person because they do not agree
with your opinion or ideas. Always treat people with

Check out these message boards for some great networking:

The Effective Marketing Group Discussion Board

Kiki's Community Cafe

Bizy Moms Message Center

CyberMarketing Info Board

Willie Crawford's Marketing Forum

Networking, although time consuming, can be a definite
asset to your business because it allows people to get
to know you. By doing that you can begin to form
relationships that will be the foundation on which you
can build a very successful business.


Terri Seymour helps people start or build their online
business by providing resources, tools, guidance and
more. You can contact her at
or visit Subscribe to
Web Success
Download her new ebook loaded with updated resources,
tips, links, and information.


Chapter 2: New Resource Box
(by Terri Seymour, added on 11/02/02 07:29 PM)

Terri Seymour now owns and operates
Learn to publish and promote your own ezine. For a complete
list of her articles available for reprint please email:
You can reach her at:

ATTN: Ezine Publishers, save hours of your valuable


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