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Chapter 1: Market with Smiles
(by biraju, added on 07/20/01 12:12 PM)

Recently a number of major corporations have spent big bucks to teach their representatives one very important lesson: SMILE!
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Walmart, one of the most successful retail firms in history, makes their most visible representative an employee whose job it is to smile and greet you as you come through the Walmart doors.

Sometimes the biggest marketing advantage we can give our businesses isn't expensive ads or commercials. It's a simple boost in the attitude we project to customers and prospects.

Often a simple smile and cheerful word will soften even the hardest customer. Projecting a positive and cheerful attitude may seem a bit corny and old fashioned, but customers will frequently perceive you as going further with your service than you have to. That's what builds loyalty and positive word-of-mouth.

Our world is getting busier and busier. The demands of work and home are daily stretching us to the limits. Businesses who make it their business to smile will earn our loyalty time and time again simply because they make us feel good, even if just a little bit.

How can you project a smile when your business operates over the phone or on the Internet? Smile when you talk, and carefully avoid using unintentionally confrontational language when you write.

Empathize with the person you are speaking or writing to. If they are experiencing a problem, let them know you understand their frustration.

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