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  • Gifting at it's Finest
    2~2 million dollar software that keeps track of all gifts and automated emailing system notificaton. State of the art software. Gifting program gone International and spreading like a wildfire. God bless and prosper everyone. It's you devine right.
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  • Guyana Mission Fund Canada
    The purpose of the project is to assist Canadians improve the lives of the people of Guyana. Initially~ it will do this in conjunction with the established efforts of the Sisters of Mercy~ including:||St. Joseph Mercy Hospital~ Georgetown||School of Nursing~ St. Joseph Mercy Hospital~ Georgetown||John Bosco Orphanage~ Plaisance.||Means|To accomplish our mission~ we will engage in work~ volunteering~ social activities~ teaching~ speaking and partnerships to:||raise funds and equipment for the self-declared wishes of our Guyanese partners which support our charitable goals||~encourage the exchange of professionals~ students and volunteers to improve the competencies and capacities of Canadians and Guyanese and||increase both nations' understanding of our interdependency.
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