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  • Christian Family Directory
    Web directory of Christian sites for parents~ teens and kids. Both fun and useful.
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    Site Released On:12/31/2002 URL:
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  • Come and get to know Jesus
    Come and get to know Jesus at one of our churches. Newsletters. service times. members directory and calendar of events.
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    Site Released On:Aug-00 URL:
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    Is a collection of true stories from around the world dealing with personal experience with God. The stories included in this collection all reinforce the gooks title. In the story of each person experience the reader is clearly given a picture of a loving and caring god.|Who provides what one need. as it is needed?|By allowing the story to be told in the words of each individual. Ms. Bartholomew is able to create a more personal feeling. Here work maintains interest and allows readers the opportunity to examine their own lives for similar evidence of god?s love.
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    Site Released On:july URL: http://WWW.XLIBRIS.COM/DOESGODCARE.HTML
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  • Into Thy Word Ministries
    Into Thy Word Ministries teaches people how to study the Bible in a simple~ clear~ and concise way~ discipling pastors and missionaries~ providing seminars~ speaking~church consulting~ discipleship tools and resources for Christian growth.
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    Site Released On:Jan 201 URL:
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  • The Bible Land
    A real and spiritual Share of holy land~ in the Bible Land~ Bethlehem Holy Garden of Peace~ in praise of our Lord Jesus Christ ...
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    Site Released On:2003 URL:
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  • The King Jesus is Lord Church - World Ministires
    TJLC is a world ministry with a focus on caring. families. and soul-winning. with prayer requests. a FREE Book. membership programs. healing and kindness
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    Site Released On:1-May URL:
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  • Where the world Prays is where a portion of the Earth's population is praying at the same time for the same thing daily. Also find the Lords prayer. the serenity prayer. prayer cards and more.
    Site Designed
    Site Released On:Jan-00 URL:
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    WOTMF Word Outreach Teaching Ministries and Fellowship~ is a teaching ministry dedicated to providing the Christian and the Jew alike solid Bible based understanding of Y'shua ha' Moshiach the one that is called Jesus Christ in the English versions of the Holy Bible. We are Messianic Jews~ some call us Christian Jews.
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    Site Released On:3-Jun URL:
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