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  Join our global partner network, Lot of companies already did..

      Partnership of is applicable to the following -

  • Website designing companies

  • Website developing companies

  • Website hosting companies

       What is your role in the partnership program with ?

  • You design websites for your clients - after the site is released you / your clients will have to post there newly released website at
  • If you are a website hosting company you can provide this added service to all your new clients.The added service you will provide is FREE listing of your clients new website in the archives of

       Benefits of partnership with

  • Increases goodwill of your company
  • You can provide an added service to your clients by listing there newly released websites at for FREE !!
  • A $15 value is provided by you to your clients for FREE !!
  • Listing of your site information with the logo of your site in site releases partners section.( Check out )
  • With every site listing referred by you, your site url is displayed with the site listing in the field "Designed by " giving multiple exposure to your site for FREE !!.

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