SiteReleases Affiliate Program

Joining the Sitereleases Affiliate Program and make $$$ from your website.

Who can join?
Just about anyone with a website who is interested in making money. We do reserve the right to exclude a site at any time if we deem the content of the site inappropriate.

What does it cost?
Absolutely nothing.

Can a international web site be a Sitereleases Affiliate?
Sorry, but the Affiliate Program is available only to web sites within the United States,Canada & India.

Why should I join?
Make Money! This is a great way to make money for your site or organization. Earn $5 per every new site listing referred by you.
Attract more visitors and enhance your site by being linked to the worlds newly released website database.

Developing your site

How do I link my site to Sitereleases affiliate program?
We will give you a unique form to be placed on your website with your own unique tracking code.

Can I use the SiteReleases name and logo on my site?
We will be providing you with the necessary form and logo.

Can I incorporate text about SiteReleases around the graphic?
If it is to explain that you are now a SiteReleases Affiliate and what that entails, sure. Anything greater than that must be submitted to SiteReleases for prior approval. Please review our Press Releases and Other Communication section. To contact us click here.

What advertising can I do?
Affiliates are welcome to promote their own websites. However, any press release or promotion that mentions SiteReleases. could be viewed as a joint effort. Consequently, any use of our name in advertisments, press releases or mailings must be pre-approved by SiteReleases. Please submit your proposal by email to for review.


How much will I be paid?
$5 for every newly released website referred and listed by you. We will credit your account as soon as we receive the listing payment by your referral.

When will I be paid?
At the end of every month we process affiliate accounts. If your account is due more than $25.00 . If not the account will roll until you reach $25.00.

How will I be paid ?
Currently we pay your comission through paypal. For affiliates in india, they would receive an amount equivalent to rupees of their commission accumulated in checks.

How do I join?
Simply fill out the form below and one of our represantative will contact you with your unique code to be placed on your website.

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