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  • Sheryl Chapman -Vrhel
    "Chapman Photography |Articles|Sheryl Chapman recollects from the front row |By Max A. Herman |""A lot of people go to concerts and they just come away with a ticket stub and here Ive got a couple rolls of film which have frozen that moment in time~"" said photographer Sheryl Chapman on her days of capturing shots of rocks most flamboyant stars. |As a regular concertgoer in the 80s~ Chapman froze moments on stage of Metallica~ Led Zeplin and many others as she shot away from the frenzy of the front row.|For more information on Chapman Photography call 708-512-0522 or log on at ."
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  • Suki Coughlin Photography
    Suki Coughlin Photography. offering lifestyle. personality. architectural. stock. and wedding photography. Located in New England and serving Europe. the US. and the world. Suki Coughlin has covered four NH Presidential Primaries and two America's Cup Championships. and has contributed regularly as a freelance artist to The Boston Globe and The New York Times.
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